Kinneff Old Church

An unsung hero in Scottish history…

Where the Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden from Oliver Cromwell’s army and saved for the nation.

Time to explore...

Take a walk through history and discover the romantic story of how Kinneff Old Church sheltered The Honours of Scotland. A story which had almost been forgotten until now.

Like the Regalia itself, the Church has remained undiscovered by many and consequently the importance of the part it played in the fate of Scotland’s future is not widely known.

Welcome to what will be for some, an untold story; a tale involving the little known Garrison Commander of Barras, George Ogilvy, the Rev. James Grainger and his wife and what lay beneath the pulpit of the Church for nine long years.

The story also tells of the beheading of Charles I and the coronation of Charles II at Scone Palace, Oliver Cromwell’s siege of Dunnottar Castle and the rediscovery of Scotland’s Crown Jewels by Sir Walter Scott at Edinburgh Castle.

We invite you to visit the Church, a piece of Scotland’s past and support the efforts to preserve it for generations to come.