Our Creative Backyard

Come enjoy world-class food and beverages, art, and home goods in Our Creative Backyard.

Set between the stunning coasts of Northeast Scotland and the dramatic foothills of the Grampians, the Mearns offers a chance to indulge your gourmand sensibilities with fine seafood, expertly crafted beverages, and stunning art and crafts. From traditional crafts to locally-sourced eateries, the homegrown and homemade offerings of the Mearns prove that staying local can produce a first-rate holiday experience.

Artisanal Harbours

Come enjoy fine dining, local culture, and art inspired by our stunning coasts. 


The Season to Splurge!

Come sample delicious treats and luxurious retreats in the Mearns! Here are some ideas for great holiday presents and memorable experiences!

Festive Fun

Come experience the holidays in style with our unique shopping and dining experiences.

Issy the Snowwoman

What’s for Tea Tonight? Farm Shop hosts Issy the Snowwoman scavenger hunt in their Winter Wonderland.